C1583 transistor datasheet 9013

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C1583 transistor datasheet 9013

The emmittor is tied to ground. KSTSTS9013Absolute maximum ratings( Ta= 25° ° ° ° C) CharacteristicSymbolRatingsUnit datasheet search datasheets Datasheet search site for Electronic. Especially suitable for AF- driver stages and low power output stages. Do you have the datasheet of this 9013? com. tw QW- R201- 030. Abstract: BR 9013 transistor 9012 data sheet NPNtransistor 9013 npn transistor datasheet transistor 9013 data sheet transistor 9012 transistor cnpn Text: ST 9013 NPN c1583 Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistor for switching and amplifier applications.

Description: The LS301 Series High c1583 Voltage MP302, Monolithic Dual, NPN Transistor is a direct replacement c1583 for Micro Power Systems c1583 MP301, Super Beta MP303 Series. 9013 datasheet datasheet, alldatasheet, 9013 datasheets, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components , 9013 pdf, 9013 circuit : WINGS - NPN SILICON TRANSISTOR . . NPN Silicon Transistor Descriptions • General purpose application. Are you trying to convert the 5Volt from the PIC to 9 Volt of the transmitter? • Switching application.
It is ideal for Small Signal Transistors Super Beta Amplifier & Switching Applications. Features. I have not found it. Created Date: . C ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATING ( TA= 25° C, unless otherwise specified) PARAMETER c1583 SYMBOL RATINGS UNIT Collector- base voltage VCBO 40 V Collector- emitter voltage VCEO 20 V Emitter- base voltage VEBO 5 V Collector current IC 500 mA. The collector is connected with an 2K2 resistor to the 9 Volt. . . Products & Services.
C1583 transistor datasheet 9013. Put a resistor of c1583 4K7 to the Base of the transistor. . Datasheets for electronics components. This resistor is connected to the output of the PIC.

Abstract: 1N1002 diode 9012 DIODE 9011 COTOtransistor c 9012 c1583 data sheet transistortransistor 9012 transistor datasheet Text: 9011 9012 & 9117 Miniature SIP Relays Miniature Molded SIP Reed Relays The 9012 package larger counterparts. Available in PDIP 8L ROHS, TO- 71 6L. .

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ss8050 — npn epitaxial silicon transistor. reliability, function, or design. to obtain the latest, most up- to- date datasheet and product information,. . Details, datasheet, quote on part number: 9013. KBPC1501 : Description = Single- phase Silicon Bridge Rectifier ; ; Package = MB- 25 LM386N- 1 : Description = Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier ; ; Package = DIP- 8 P600J6A6 : Silicon Rectifier ( Voltage Range - 50 to 1000 Volts Current - 6.

c1583 transistor datasheet 9013